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Thanks to Alpha Math my daughter is way ahead of her class in math.”         - Sumitha


“Alpha Math taught me to think critically and stay focused on my work. The program aided me in my transition into high school mathematics, and I greatly appreciate all that I obtained from Alpha Math”  – Nicholos


“Alpha Math Station has helped me pick up my speed in many things, but none of them more than the Vedic math formulas. They gave me an alternative to the long algorithm I was familiar with. I was always intent on finding shortcuts to things, and the Vedic math formulas did just that. ”                                            - Amber


“For the past 5 years, I have attended Alpha Math Station. Each class has inspired me to learn more, and has helped me get ahead in each of my classes at school. Alpha Math Station provided me with a foundation to learn and succeed throughout my life."                                                                                                                                                                                    - Jake


“When my son took 38% in the Math test in the beginning of last school year, I was shocked. He told me "Mom, I need help". At this moment I decided that I need to take an immediate action. I made my search, and found out that Alpha Math station will be a good choice. I enrolled my son who was in 5th grade at the time. It turned out that this was the most accurate decision I took in my life. I enrolled my two other kids, who were at the time at 2nd and 7th grade. I found out a tremendous shift in their grades, and my son who had 38% in the beginning of the year, had a grade of 85% at the end of the school year. My other two kids are shifting from very low grades to almost high grades, and this in just in one year. Thanks to Alpha Math Station team who contributed to their success, and the wonderful tutors who are there for my kids.”

                                                                                                                                                    -  Samah

"I am a GT student in 6th grade. I started this program in 5th grade and in one year I advanced many grade levels and mastered many skills. In class we are using proportions to solve nearly every problem. Thankfully I already had mastered this skill in Alpha Math Station. Also they taught me many shortcuts to solve advanced problems faster. With these shortcuts I was able to use logic to solve problems. Parts of my brain that were left idle, I was able to use when solving problems that needed no work, but absolute common sense."

                                                                                                                         - Krishna


 “Since starting at Alpha Math my daughter has gained so much confidence in her ability to tackle Math problems. Her progress in math at school has definitely been a reflection of her being a part of this program. I am very pleased with how much she has grown."

                                                                                                                              - Cynthia Brooks

"The Vedic math formulas have helped me by letting me do problems faster in both school and alpha math. Problems that others take 2 minutes on, I am able to finish in 20 seconds. These formulas have also helped me gain accuracy and speed. Before being taught these techniques, I made mistakes in my multiplication but that has changed now because these techniques have helped me. These are just some of the many ways Vedic math formulas have helped me."  

                                                                       - Shanaya


"My daughter Alicia is an elementary school student has always enjoyed math. As a parent I wanted to encourage her interest in the subject and was looking for a program with a strong theoretical base and a lot of hands on assignments that would allow my daughter to advance her knowledge beyond her grade level school program. For the last half of a school year Alicia was attending classes at Alpha Math Station twice a week and was given home assignment for everyday that she was not in the class. And what is most important I can see the results. Alicia now is able to solve problems that are given to middle school kids that definitely will be an advantage when she gets there. "                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Alicia’s Mom

 “I have learned the Vedic method at Alpha Math Station and I have found it to be essential in my everyday surroundings. I have been able to solve calculations rapidly and accurately by using the Vedic method. This method allows me to solve complex problems faster by being able to solve the smaller equations. It has helped me in my school curriculum and in my everyday life when I need to quickly solve equations. "

                                                                                               - Ritu 

"My daughter, Jahnavi is going to Alpha math station since 1 year and I have seen lot of progress in her, especially self-motivation and thinking level. She also passed 6th grade math credit by exam. I liked Alpha Math team’s dedication, love and affection towards Jahnavi in teaching math. The math curriculum is very good, it improves analytic skills and thinking level to solve the math problems. Alpha math station created interest towards math to my daughter.”

                                                                                                            - Someshwar

“What a great year it has been for Swami, Straight 'A' s in Math in 7th grade till date the entire year. I am very proud of him. And the credit goes to Alpha Math Station team. You have meticulously identified the areas of improvement in Swami's math skills, and diligently addressed each one of them and Swami has come a long way this year.  You have laid a good foundation of basic math concepts and it shows in his grades. Can't thank you enough. You have transformed Swami from someone who hated Math like anything to some-one who wants to do math when he is bored.”

                                        - Rema S.


“My son improved his math skills a lot in Alpha Math so I don’t need to worry about his math in school.”                                   -  April Tang


“We are so happy that we enrolled our child at the Alpha Math Station. In a short time we've noticed an improvement in our daughter's math skills, as well as her attitude toward Math. She is much more confident about math now, and has even said it's fun! Alpha Math Station team does a great job motivating our daughter and clearing her concepts with a unique vedic math system!  With Alpha Math, we feel good that we're doing what we can to be sure our child develops a strong foundation in math. It's great to see her becoming more confident student!”                                                                                                                                                                                   - Neera M.


"Having worked as a third grade math teacher for four years at an Exemplary-rated school, I know first-hand the importance of having a good understanding of basic math skills. My daughters have progressed leaps and bounds in the 6 months they have attended Alpha Math Station. I was apprehensive of sending my 4 year old, but she now knows her addition facts through 9 and is currently excelling with her subtraction facts. My 6 year old constantly surprises me with the connections she is making with the new math concepts she is learning and everyday life. I would highly recommend Alpha Math Station to all my friends and family."

                                                                                                                              - Anuprita